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These are free samples, demonstrating elements of our Compliance Awareness Online Learning modules. 

Within these samples, you will find a selection of the types of materials included within the full Compliance Awareness course. These samples will only take a few minutes to view/complete. You may access these samples as a guest, however, if you wish to undertake the sample knowledge check (Ethics and Professional Standards Quick Quiz), you will need to complete a simple enrolment form with your name and email address.

The full Compliance Awareness course covers anti-money laundering, data privacy, ethics and professional standards and vulnerability awareness. Each module of the full course includes:

  • Instructional video content
  • Reference materials and handouts
  • Knowledge checks 
Each of the module of the Compliance Awareness course contains all of these elements. The instructional content and knowledge checks take around 1-1.5 hours per module to complete (so 4-6 hours in total for all 4 topics), thereby providing a comprehensive induction for new staff or a refresher on key compliance areas for insolvency practitioners and their teams. 

Further reading materials are supplied and may be downloaded and retained for future reference.

For further information or to enrol yourself or a colleague on the full course, visit our website  or contact: